Essaying the fables of Sambhar Salt Lake

Enriched with history, embellished with beauty – with the abundance of glistening salt – The Sambhar Lake is Indias’ largest salt lake and will always remain Rajasthan’s most scenic landscape.

The Sambhar Salt Lake – located in the vicinity of Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a travelers’ paradise. The sun-kissed landscape of the region makes it perfect for weekend getaways with friends and family, a vacation to rejuvenate or destination events. The Lake has a view that soothes the soul and imparts a surreal experience of witnessing the largest inland salt lake in India.

Away from all worldly noises and uproars, this is Rajasthan’s hidden treasure. Sambhar Heritage has curated a beautiful property right in the middle of this nature’s miracle, just breathing beside this stunning salt lake. Witnessing the process of salt extraction by villagers and salt workers through the historic train journey, amplifies the glory of the lake. An array of activities and experiences customized for all ages makes every moment at the resort an enthralling one.



Nestled amidst the town of Sambhar, the 18th-century architectural marvel – The first Circuit House in India to be built by the Britishers – is a 4 room suite property. It takes you on a journey back in time, as you approach this colonial-style building that offers a monumental scale with its high ceilings.

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Adjacently ensconce is the 18th century kothi with 8 suites. This colonial structure was a club house of the britishers, restored keeping intact its natural rustic beauty has charming, spacious bedrooms, living spaces and an en-suite bathroom. Perfect for couples, these elegantly designed suites come

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Set along side the lake is the Resort. A unique blend of wilderness with opulence, which offers a camping experience via its 18 luxurious tents and 2 creatively curated container suites. The landscape overlooks the lake becoming in sync with the horizon. These adobes offer a rustic yet luxurious experience,

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While the serenity of the terrain might make you consider inactivity the perfect form of activity, Sambhar Heritage offers enough Spirit of the land temptations for you to step out of your comfort zone. The platter of activities is designed to draw you out, and help you become part of the rich and varied nature and culture of the land. We make sure that yours is more than just a sightseeing excursion and transcends to an experience where you appreciate this beautiful creation of nature.


July 2, 2018


July 2, 2018


July 2, 2018