Sambhar Heritage is committed to the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’ through which it seeks to enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of the host community, apart from incentivizing the retention and regeneration of their unique assets.


To be a catalyst in creating the most sought after true to the land, unique experience and create Sambhar as the next tourist destination. Upliftment of the ecosystem of Sambhar by creating a legacy which supports the people and the community in the process of creating it as a tourist destination.

        We pledge to retain and restore the natural ecological balance of the destination

We will plant  trees and plants within and in the neighborhood of resorts

We will ensure that the landscaping emulates local terrain and is not disturbed

We will actively participate in Minimizing negative environmental impact

Water: We will minimize consumption. Recycle water and use appropriately

Energy: We will minimize energy consumption. Emphasize on the usage of alternate energy sources


Sound Pollution: We will minimize noise levels within the property

Air Pollution: We will minimize air pollution

Light Pollution: We will optimize public lighting so as not to cause inconvenience to nocturnal wildlife

Plastics: We will aim at the responsible use of plastics

Waste Management: We will minimize waste. Implement effective waste management systems

Paper: We will reduce the use of paper in operations. Promote the use of recycled, acid-free or recyclable paper


Generating greater economic benefits to the local people. We will create more employment opportunities for the local community.

We will promote local produce and products. We aim to use local suppliers wherever possible.

Where possible, we will encourage and provide financial support for economic, social or environmental projects that will benefit the local communities.


Enhancing the well-being of host communities. We will contribute towards improvement in education

We will contribute towards better health & women empowerment