The Sambhar Salt Lake – located in the vicinity of Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a travelers’ paradise. The sun-kissed landscape of the region makes it perfect for weekend getaways with friends and family, a vacation to rejuvenate or destination events.

The Lake has a view that soothes the soul and imparts a surreal experience of witnessing the largest inland salt lake in India.

Legends of Sambhar

Sambhar beholds the treasure of ancient history, antique folklore, and the phenomenal presence of legends beneath its lake bed.

Numerous fables surround the creation of this barren land that has been transformed into the marvel that we today call Sambhar Salt Lake. One such story is that Goddess Shakumbhari Devi, at the behest of the king of the land, bestowed him with precious silver stretches for miles. The king knew that the boon could become a bane, and his subjects would not feel secure sitting atop all the silver.

Thus he appealed to the goddess to convert the bed of silver into the whitewashed landscape of Sambhar Salt Lake. A bartizan temple dedicated to goddess Shakambhari Devi sits on a strategic location, projecting into the lake.

Legends – Salt Lake of Rajasthan

Often referred to as the ‘Salt Lake of Rajasthan’, Sambhar Lake is India’s largest inland saline lake. It has its mentions in the classic Indian epic, Mahabharata, as priest Sukracharya’s residing place. It was also the part of King Brishparva’s kingdom, and was the place where king Yayati and Devyani, daughter of Sukracharya got married. An iridescent temple near the Sambhar Lake is dedicated to Devyani, and adds to the beauty of this location.

As per local belief, the guardian goddess of Chauhan Rajputs and the companion of Lord Shiva, Shakambhari Devi, transformed the dense opaque forest into a landscape of silver, as a return for the services provided to her by the king.

Later, as the inhabitants feared that the possession could give rise to greed and conflict, she turned it into a salt lake. Thus the lake was named after her and a temple devoted to her can still be seen guarding the terrain.


Around Sambhar

Sambhar Lake offers different shades of life through numerous places to see in the vicinity. The silver lake presents pure bliss and lets you relish the beauty of this shining landscape. Among the best attractions of the area are its various traditional fairs..

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Salt Lake History

Melt in the surrounding and feel the nature’s exquisite miracle. Sambhar Lake is located 70 km away from Jaipur. It has a flawlessly picturesque silver lake that unifies with the sun at the horizon. ts historical purity, natural beauty, and beguiling scenery make this lake..

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Gain Inner Peace

Located in the state of Rajasthan, the Sambhar Lake is spread over an area of 22.5 km, and the endorheic basin is its primary water source. It is the largest saline lake in India with an extensive salty wetland.  Its overwhelming and alluring limitlessness is a perfect getaway

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Best time to visit

Sambhar Lake is the perfect example of a unique picturesque landscape trapped in the wilderness. Join us at Sambhar Lake for a perfectly relaxing getaway any time of the year. It offers you an outstanding experience and takes you closer to Nature.

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Sambhar’s Ecosystem

This natural marvel is a 90 sq miles stretching salt lake.  Nestled in the foothills of the Aravali ranges, the elliptical Sambhar salt forms the largest inland saline depression in the country. The lake has been internationally recognized ..

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